Pakistani Rugs

Two Pakistani Bukhara carpets in direct comparison

Type Oriental Rugs
Origin in Pakistan Lahore, Karatschi, Islamabad, etc.
Typical Knot Density 160.000 - 360.000 knots / sqm
Characteristics Dark colours, octagonal patterns

Pakistani carpets usually have a special shine because their wool comes from Australia. The Pakistani government supports carpet production and helps import high-quality yarns. Most of Pakistan's carpet weavers are of Islamic origin and fled to Pakistan after the war between India and Pakistan. Large cities of Pakistani carpet production are Lahore and Karachi.

Pakistani carpets are not among the finest, but are cheaper than those from Persian production. Known are for example the Pakistan Buchara carpets. Patterns of Pakistani carpets are often inspired by Turkmen carpets (Mori carpets) or by antique Ziegler-Designs (from Iran). Pakistani carpets are mainly knotted in red or dark red.

Further Examples

These rugs have been provided from an assortment of over 630 Pakistani Buchara rugs by Nain Trading from Hamburg. Hamburg, Germany is still the most important hub for the trade of oriental rugs in the Western World with Nain Trading offering one of the largest assortments of handmade oriental carpets worldwide.

Impressions from Pakistan

Panorama of the Wazir Khan Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan Passu Glacier in the North of Pakistan
Panorama of the Wazir Khan Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan Passu Glacier in the North of Pakistan

Location - where do Pakistani rugs come from?

The most important places for carpet weaving in Pakistan.

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