Origin of the first Rugs

Alter Persischer Teppich von Nomaden geknüpft

Antique nomad rug from Persia

According to excavations, the oldest hand-knotted oriental carpet comes from the region of today's Iran and is approx. 2,500 years old. The carpet had a knot density of more than 300,000 knots per square metre and was hence above the knot density of most modern handmade carpets. It is said that hand-knotted carpets originate from nomadic tribes who processed wool into the first flat woven fabrics well over 500 years before Christ.

Today, these flat woven fabrics are known as Kilim rugs, which are once again enjoying great popularity. At that time they were probably used as decoration and as blankets. Over the centuries, these early weaving techniques were refined and have presumably developed into knotting techniques.

Significantly later, rulers of the Persian Empire and of India specifically promoted carpet knotting at their palaces and used the sophisticated carpets as a symbol of prosperity and wealth in the late Middle Ages. For example, individual large and particularly fine rugs were made by several knotters simultaneously over many years, which gives such rare pieces an inestimable value today. Some unique artworks from the 15th and 16th centuries can still be admired in museums today.

Ausgrabungsstätte des alten Persepolis

Excavation site of the ancient Persepolis (ancient city in the former Persia)

Origin of the first rugs
The probably oldest carpet probably dates back to the 5th century B.C. and already possessed a knotting density beyond those which are usual today...
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Main Regions
The tradition of hand-knotted rugs comes from the East and has always been anchored there...

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Additional Rug Types
Kilims and Ziegler rugs are just two examples of types that are now being knotted in different countries...

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An experienced knotter is able to knot about 1,000 knots per hour, thus a carpet of 3x2m and 300,000 knots per sqm takes almost a whole year...
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Comparison to machine-made Rugs
A higher richness of detail, higher colour spectrum, natural materials, value retention - these are just a few of many differences...
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Tips for your Rug Purchase
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